The Da Vinci Centre


Our VITA Infusions ensure that nutrients are absorbed into the body optimally for prevention, performance, energy, and maintenance.


Vita Multi “Myers”

John Myers, the inventor of the ‘Myers Cocktail’ would be proud. The best 45 minutes you can spend helping restore your body’s nutrient and electrolyte balance. Formulated to help re-establish essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids and to help promote optimal health. Weekly VITAs are even mightier than your daily swallowed multi-vitamin.


Vita Boost

A formula giving you a one-two punch to help knock out the symptoms of the cold of flu. A mixture of potent anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium that enhance immunity. Infused at the onset of symptoms  helps minimize the time spent fighting the cold or flu.


Vita Hydrate

A healthy and all natural prevention and recovery treatment. Formulated to restore electrolytes, hydration and energy, all while flushing out some of the toxins. A perfect way to end your fun-filled weekend or weekday!