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 Medically Supervised Ketogenic Diet


Ketosis is a natural state where the body is almost only burning fat. The secret of ketosis is to eat very low amounts of carbs, moderate amounts of protein, and then add fat for satiety. Natural ketosis due to low carb eating is perfectly safe with stable well-controlled blood sugar and well-controlled blood ketones. Ketosis via our Medical Supervised Ketogenic Diet, can be achieved for weight reduction using all natural food; without the need to purchase packaged foods and powders or prepared meals.

In the first week, of our medically Supervised Ketogenic Diet, clients drop between 5-10 pounds, then about 2-4 pounds each week thereafter. Once clients have met their goals, they move to a maintenance program.

For consultation about this diet or if you are looking for a customized plan, please contact The Strand Medical Centre at 945-7077 or